Madison Skye Liedtke

Let me visually tell your story through a down-to-earth, authentic and rooted style.

  • With roots in Colorado, I grew up craving creativity and constantly finding inspiration through nature. I always knew I wanted to be involved in art, testing out different aspects of design (architecture, interior design, graphics, painting, fashion, the list goes on). As someone who was really struggling with anxiety and disordered eating, I was seeking new tools and relievers that weren't just medicine. I have always been very holistic and wanted to get to the root of the problem.

    2020, like many others, gifted me with self-reflection leading to a very profound spiritual journey. I found self-love, self-worthiness and peace of mind through meditation, readings and taking care of my body. I was able to learn life lessons of great value. I found myself visualizing these lessons and creatively expressing them. Learning to be more present in each moment allowed me to take in my surroundings and see it through an artistic lens. I felt my soul light up and had a deep intuitive knowing that I had found my purpose. I have grown Madly to what it is today and continue to have that exact same drive as I did day one.

    My big takeaway for you is that I want my art to communicate what words cannot through positive spiritual intention. I want people to feel understood when they see my work.

    I am now based in California working with clients all over the country and world. I always love to collaborate with other artists, creators, musicians, brands and companies.

    I would love to tell your story through design!

Skills & Services


Hand Drawing (Graphite, Pen)

Digital Drawing (Vector and/or pixel based)

Graphic Design

Full & Partial Branding Design

Logo Design

Packaging Design

Digital Assets

Website Design

I like to make your brand's site stand out by telling a story.

Experience with the following hosting sites: Squarespace, Shopify, Wix

Some coding experience

Adobe Creative Cloud

7+ Years of experience with:




In Design

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